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    • Bug Updates
      -Inability To Buy Last 2 Slayer Perks Fixed
      -Bandos Attacking Players Not Inside The Room Fixed
      -Well Of Goodwill Replacing Daily Bonus While Active Fixed
      -Well Of Wealth Replacing Shooting Star While Active Fixed
      -Lootshare Preventing Drops Fixed
      -Caskets Giving Wrong Amounts Fixed
      -Ability To Equip Javelins And Knives To Increase Ranged Strength Fixed Client Updates
      -Preset Interface ID's Adjusted Well Updates
      -Donating Items No Longer Returns Cash If The Value Is Higher Than Required (The Well Is Extended By The Additional Value)
      -Spirit Shards Are No Longer Usable To Get Double Item Value Miscellaneous Updates
      -Easter Quest No Longer Gives Basket Of Eggs
      -Free For All Minigame Finished Item Updates
      -Basket Of Eggs Given 1B Alch Value
      -Artifacts Default Value Increased
      -Max Cape Value Increased
      -Veteran Cape Value Increased
      -Twisted Bow Shoots One Tick Faster Superior Slayer Updates
      -Superior Slayer Monsters Do Not Spawn Until The Original Respawn Timer Is Completed
      -Superior Slayer Monsters Appear Slightly More Often
      -Superior Slayer Monsters Do Not Spawn After The Last Kill Of The Task
      -Superior Slayer Monsters Automatically Attack You If You Are Within Distance
      -After 6 Minutes Of No Attacking A Superior Monster Will Despawn
      -Glitch Where Superior Slayer Monsters Dropped Quad Drops Instead Of Triple Fixed
    • Client Updates
      -Game And Music Sounds Fixed
      -Smithing Pet Model
      -Cooking Pet Model
      -Zombie Pet
      -Slayer Unlockable Interface Extended
      -Right Click Option For Experience Lamps Miscellaneous Updates
      -Hammer, Chisel, And Knife Added To Toolbelt
      -Smithing Pet Released
      -Cooking Pet Released
      -Graveyard Minigame Pet Released
      -Casket Rewards Changed
      -Claim-All Option Added For Experience Lamps Bug Updates
      -Bri Not Giving Boss Points Fixed
      -Zulrah Group Tele Countdown Continuing Fixed
      -Teleporting To Zulrah Disabling Certain Things Fixed Slayer Updates
      -Unholy Cursebearer Unlockable Added
      -Hell Puppy Unlockable Added
    • Bug Updates
      -Boss Points And KC Not Being Given Fixed
      -Ingame Voting Counter Fixed
      -Teleport Interface Wrong Experience Required Fixed Miscellaneous Updates
      -Superior Slayer Monsters Give Two Additonal Rolls On The Drop Table
      -Prayer Pet Released
      -Barrows Tickets Give You 10 Minutes Of Unlimited Access To Underground
      -Underground Barrows Spawns Slightly Changed
      -Woodcutting Teleport Moved Down 20 Squares
      -Shooting Star Removed From Taverly Dungeon Item Updates
      -Perfect Scroll Given Value Of 250m Client Updates
      -Extending Boss Pet Interface
      -Bones Pet Skilling Updates
      -Noted Runite Ore Count Towards Runite Mining Achievement Drop Updates
      -Common Drops For Staff Bosses Changed
    • Miscellaneous Updates
      -If You Have An Active Instance Running You Can Teleport Back To It
      -Potions Of Banking Work In The Staff Boss Rooms
      -You Can Only Have One Effigy At Once
      -Effigies Are Dropped More Commonly
      -Every 20 Votes It Displays The Last Persons To Votes Name
      -Free For All Minigame Basic Structure Finished Bug Updates
      -Bandos Avatar Teleporting To You When You're No Longer Fighting Him Fixed
      -Spirit Shields Unsellable In Shops Fixed
      -Amulet Of Fury (Or) Unsellable In Shops Fixed
      -Potion Of Banking Saying Overload Fixed
      -Bri Not Using A Combat Script Fixed
      -Deathly Spirit Shield Not Announcing Fixed
      -Vanguard Legs Wrong Price Fixed
      -Clanchat Lootshare Sending Valuable Message To Wrong Player Fixed
      -Inability To Buy Blue Runecrafter Outfit Fixed Combat Updates
      -Dihn's Bulwark Special Added
      -Cannon Only Gives Range XP
      -Duo Slayer Shares Kill Count And Boss Points
      -Clans With Lootshare Enabled Share Kill Count And Boss Points
      -All Javelins, Except Morrigan's, Moved To The Arrow Slot (For Ballista) Item Updates
      -Saggitarian Armor Higher Magic Defence
      -Deathly Spirit Shield Value Increased To 2B NPC Updates
      -Scorpia Respawn Timer Cut In Half Drop Updates
      -Twisted Buckler And Dihn's Bulwark Removed From Unholy Cursebearer Drops
      -Potions Of Banking Removed From Staff Boss Drops
      -Potions Of Banking Added To Unholy Cursebearers Drops
      -Unholy Cursebearers Common Drops Buffed Backend Updates (Stuff You Won't See Ever)
      -Backup System Lowered To Every 3 Hours Instead Of 6 Hours
    • Bug Updates
      -Vote Scrolls Being Sent To Wrong Tab When Inside Dung Fixed
      -Kills Tracker Message Fixed
      -Mystical Pouch Wrong Item Id When Creating Fixed
      -Boss Teleport Interface Not Showing Name Of Boss Up Top Fixed
      -Willow Shortbow Incorrect Level Requirement Fixed Client Updates
      -Upgraded Dragon Pickaxe Right Click Option
      -Dungeoneering Bind Option For Arrows
      -Noted Adamantite Ore Rock
      -Noted Runite Bar Rock Renamed Noted Runite Ore Rock
      -Noted Runite Ores Added To Donator Zone
      -Staff Boss NPC
      -Staff Boss Pet
      -Staff Boss Armors Changed
      -Extending Boss Teleport Interface
      -Bri Portal Miscellaneous Updates
      -Kills Tracker Message Removed From Filter Messages
      -Developer Filter Added To Quest Panel
      -Combat Filter Hits Moved To Developer Filter
      -DFS Charges Added To Developer Filter
      -Voting Confirmation Added To Developer Filter
      -Arrows Can Be Found Seperately From Armor And Weapons In Dung
      -Coal Maximum Vine Amount Increased To 8
      -When In The Tutorial Your Health And Defence Is Set To 15k To Prevent Deaths
      -Item Values Updated With Ized's Price Guide
      -Items Over 1m Coins High Alch For 70%
      -Staff Bosses Pre-Fight Area Moved To Dungeons In Teleport Interface
      -Staff Bosses Individually Added To Boss Teleports
      -Angler Outfit Gives A Chance To Catch A Second Fish Donator Updates
      -Lonely Island Noted Rune Bars Replaced With Noted Adamantite Ores
      -Noted Runite Ores Added To Waterfall Zone Shop Updates
      -Trivia Shop Prices Lowered
      -Death Touched Dart Added To Trivia Shop
      -Primal, Dragonbone, And Saggitarian Removed From Dungeoneering Shop Drop Updates
      -Bloodmist Spirit Shield Removed From Goody's Drops
      -Bloodmist Spirit Shield Added To Unholy Cursebearers Drops
      -Dragonbone Melee Removed From Venenatis Drops
      -Goody Drops Full Dragonbone Mage
      -Pure Drops Full Dragonbone Melee
      -Herb Drops Full Primal
      -Bri Drops Full Saggitarian
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