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    • Bug Updates
      -Magic Combat Formula Fixed
      -Summoning Skill Interface Fixed
      -Twisted Bow Not Having Spec Fixed
      -Prestiging Giving Incorrect Points Fixed Client Updates
      -Big Luck Yin Yang Amulet Cache Updates
      -Yin Yang Amulet Miscellaneous Updates
      -Total Loyalty Points Earned Added To Quest Panel
      -Boss Point Store Stock Has Higher Default Amount
      -Prestige Points Scale With Experience
      -NPC's Over Level 100 Have A 1/75 Chance To Drop A Full Crystal Key
    • Raid Updates
      -Raid Rewards Changed
      -Inside Raids Barrows And Dragon Bar Ore Take Half To Smelt
      -New Deathly Spirit Shield Dropped
      -Searching Skeletons Give A Hammer And Chisel
      -Iron Ore Given Permanent Spot In First Room Bug Updates
      -Greater Demon Wrong Slayer Teleport Fixed
      -Slayer Monsters Counting Toward Double KC Fixed
      -"You Don't Have The Required Items To Make This Potion" Fixed
      -Enchanting Jewelry Not Working With Elemental Staffs Fixed
      -Magic Damage Being Divided By 10 Fixed Client Updates
      -Jungle Forester Renamed Woodcutting Store
      -Deathly Spirit Shield Re-named Blood Mist Spirit Shield
      -Deathly Spirit Shield Released (1/75 Chance To Instantly K0 The NPC You Face) Drop Updates
      -Thegoodybandit Drops The Deathly Spirit Shield Item Updates
      -Perfect Ring Given Same Effects As Ring Of Charos
    • Miscellaneous Updates
      -Lootshare Drops Color Changed
      -Fishing Gives More Skill Points
      -Gorak Removed From Godwars Saradomin Area
      -Ironmen Can Only Get And Recieve Assistance Experience From Their Ironman Partner
      -Slayer Point System Updated (Streaks Are Constant And Do Not Reset) Drop Updates
      -Rare Chance For Corp To Drop The Deathly Spirit Shield Slayer Updates
      -Abyssal Sire Required 85 Slayer To Kill Bug Updates
      -Ability To Have Multiple Effigies Fixed
      -Wealth Evaluator Showing Incorrect Estimated Wealth Fixed (Equipment)
      -Overload And Prayer Renewal Timer Showing Fake Timer Upon Logging Back In Fixed
      -Duplicate Shark Pets Not Giving Coins Fixed
      -::forums Command Fixed
      -::updates Command Fixed NPC Updates
      -Abyssal Sire Nerfed
      -Bandos Avatar Slightly Nerfed
      -Corp Nerfed
      -Kraken Nerfed
      -Necromancer Severely Nerfed
      -Scorpia Nerfed
      -Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Nerfed
      -Uncle Vlad Nerfed
      -Unholy Cursebeared Slightly Nerfed Combat Updates
      -Melee Accuracy Bonus Increased
      -Range Accuracy Bonus Increased
      -Magic Accuracy Bonus Increased
    • Here you can post your feedback on staff members. We would love to hear from you on how we are doing and how we can strive to become better staff.   Current staff team as of 4/13/19 Owner-goody Mod- Str Pure Support- Dalton and Brisingr1304
    • Bug Updates
      -Super Prayer Renewal Changing Items When You Note Fixed
      -Decanting Prayer Renewals, Saradomin Brews, And Overloads Fixed
      -Starlight Not Having Drops Fixed
      -Upgraded Bonecrusher Not Working Fully Fixed
      -Twisted Buckler And Brutal Whip Not Announcing Globally Fixed
      -Instanced Areas Not Spawning NPC's Fixed
      -Ironman Points Giving Incorrect Amount Of Points For Higher Level Monsters Fixed
      -Wrong Message For Mystic Lamp Pet Fixed
      -When Logging Out Your Stats Not Resetting After Receiving Assistance Fixed Item Updates
      -Barrows Gloves Range Bonus Increased
      -Monk's Robes Given Prayer Bonus
      -Bonecrusher Can Be Configured To Pickup Bones And Add Them To Your Inventory
      -Lava Eel Eating Timer Reduced To 10 Seconds NPC Updates
      -Brother Kojo Added In Front Of Altars (Sells Monks Robes And Bones)
      -Unholy Cursebearer New Combat Script Miscellaneous Updates
      -Achievement Interface Re-coded To Open Faster
      -Toggle For ::filter Added To Quest Panel
      -Filter Message Added For Soul Split
      -4 New Wildywyrm Locations
      -Discord Bot Sends Notifications For Dragon Ore And Barrows Deposits
      -Accounts Are Automatically Saved Every 2 Minutes (To Prevent Rollbacks) Shop Updates
      -Legendary Mystery Box Price Decreased In Achievement Store Drop Updates
      -Rune Bars Drop More Commonly From Crazy Scientist Client Updates
      -Effy The Effigy And Mystical Lamp Causing Crash In Pet Manager Fixed
      -Herblore Right Click Option For Configuring Vials Skilling Updates
      -If You Have 5 Levels Above The Required For An Imp You Do Not Require A Net
      -Herbicide Gives More Experience
      -Superior Slayer Monsters Can Be Gotten From Sumona And Death
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