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    • Project S is the new name, should it be reset for the re-launch?
    • Bug Updates
      -Night-Gazer Inside Raids Fixed
      -Overload Prestige Benefit Giving Damage Based On Old Timer Fixed
      -Barrows Smithing Giving One Bolt Rack Per Bar Fixed Client Updates
      -Live Prayer And Hitpoints Tracker Added To Inventory Area
      -Ctrl On An Item Shows It's Stats
      -Player Model Defaulting To Last Monster Killed Fixed
      -Pickpocket NPC's Have Attack As The Second Option
      -Slayer Interface Task Task Menu Replaced With Buttons
      -Game Mode/Player Rank Icon Shows Above Player Heads Shop Updates
      -Steel Bars Added To Ironman Point Store
      -Christmas Cracker Added To Donator Store Miscellaneous Updates
      -Zomboi The Zombie Gives Double Graveyard Fragments While In The Graveyard Minigame
      -Mondays Are Now Bonus Points For All Minigames And Not Just Pest Control
      -When Doing Duo Slayer You Need To Deal At Least 1/3 Damage To Count Towards Achievements/Boss Points
      -When Using Lootshare You Need To Deal At Least 1/5 Damage To Count Towards Achievements/Boss Points
      -Every Time You Prestige Slayer You Can Choose Your Own Task One Time Per Day (Up To 5 Times Per Day) Item Updates
      -Blowpipe Buffed
      -Drygore Longsword Buffed
      -Brutal Whip Accuracy Increased/Strength Lowered
      -Dragon Javelin Ranged Strength Increased
    • Poll for a new name
    • Night-Gazer Updates
      -Night-Gazer Added To Death Slayer Tasks
      -Night-Gazer Can Be Instanced
      -Night-Gazer Is Multi-Combat Bug Updates
      -Ability To Hunt Night-Gazer Before Purchasing Slayer Unlockable Fixed
      -Collector Icon Not Showing Additional Drop Rate Fixed
      -Night-Gazer Not Having Baby Gaze On Drop Table Fixed
      -Night-Gazer Slayer Unlockable Button Not Clickable Fixed
      -Some Pets Not Announcing Globally Fixed
      -Ring Of Charos/Ring Of Virtue Spec Effect Not Working Fixed
      -Fighting Instance Monsters Sometimes Causing Issues With Teleporting Later Fixed
      -Herb Not Dropping Herbal Remedy Fixed
      -Boss Teleport Interface Showing Incorrect Valuable Drops For Staff Bosses Fixed Client Updates
      -Slayer Unlockable Interface Extended
      -Dr. Potato Character Models Added
      -Uncut Zenyte Right Click "Cut" Option Added
      -Holding Shift Inside The Bank Allows You To Move Stacks Of Items To And From
      -Boss Teleport Interface Extended
      -Pure Staff Boss/Objects Renamed To Speedy Item Updates
      -Granite Tablet Base Value Increased Miscellaneous Updates
      -Final Slayer Helm Upgrade Added To Slayer Unlockables (Extra 25% Damage And Accuracy On Task)
      -Demonic Gorilla's Added To Death Slayer Tasks
      -Slug Menace Quest Removed From Quest Panel
      -Rare Mystery Box Dialogue Changed
      -Every 500th Boss Kill The Killer Gets A Legendary Mystery Box Item Dropped
      -Every 1500th Boss Kill The Killer Gets A Random Ultra Rare Mystery Box Item Dropped
      -Dr. Potato Added To Boss Teleport Interface
      -Bal'lak The Pummeler Added To Boss Teleport Interface
      -Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter Added To Boss Teleport Interface
      -To'Kash the Bloodchiller Added To Boss Teleport Interface
      -Voting Messages Sent In-game Changed
      -Warning Message Added When Teleporting To Nomad Drop Updates
      -Saggitarian Removed From Brisingr And Added To Bal'lak The Pummeler
      -Dragonbone Melee Removed From Herb And Added To Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter
      -Primal Removed From Speedy And Added To To'Kash the Bloodchiller
      -Dragonbone Mage Removed From Goody And Added To All Staff Bosses Evenly
    • Miscellaneous Updates
      -Master Cape Experience Required Is 104m
      -Gem Bag Upgrade Gives Noted Gems When Emptying
      -Thegoodybandit Clue Scroll Is Elite Clues Only
      -Maximum Drop Rate Bonus Without The Well On Is 60%
      -Night Gazer Icons Finished
      -Night Gazer Teleport Works
      -New Achievement Added
      -After Prestiging 5 Times Master Capes Are Equipable At 39m Experience Bug Updates
      -Levels Stuck Under 120 That Were Max XP Before 120 Update Fixed
      -Plant A Seed Achievement Fixed Cache Updates
      -Poison Orb Sprite Client Updates
      -When Poisoned The Constitution Orb Turns Green Item Updates
      -Completionist Cape Buffed
      -Serpentine Helmet Buffed Drop Updates
      -Staff Bosses Drop Christmas Crackers
      -Night Gazer Drops Icons Shop Updates
      -Items In Boss Point Shop Price Lowered
      -Christmas Cracker Added To Boss Point Shop
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