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    • Miscellaneous Updates
      -Vote Scrolls Get Sent To The Bank If Your Inventory Is Full
      -Clue Scrolls Get Sent To The Bank If You Receive One Inside The Wilderness
      -99 Capes Can Always Be Worn After Prestiging The First Time
      -Overload Potions Last A Minute Longer For Each Time You've Prestiged Herblore
      -Raids Give Uncut Gems In Smaller Quantities
      -$5 Donator Scroll Replaced With $20 Donator Scroll Inside Ironman Point Store
      -Prestige Effects Added To Prestige Guide On Forums Client Updates
      -Right Click Option For Tinderbox
      -Right Click Option For Cut Gems Skilling Updates
      -Fletching And Burning Logs Can Be Done From The Toolbelt
      -Cutting Cut Gems A Second Time Can Be Done From The Toolbelt Bug Updates
      -Saggitarian Legs Equipping As Weapon Fixed
      -Colored Max Capes Not Having Ava's Effect Fixed
      -Ladder To Enter KBD Dungeon From Wilderness Not Working Fixed
      -::gamble Stairs Taking You To Warrior's Guild Fixed
      -Multiple Bosses Spawning At Raids If You Logout During Raid Fixed
      -Dihn's Bulwark Spec Not Grabbing Aggression Fixed
      -Overlapping Evil Trees And Shooting Star Locations Removed
      -Skills Leveled Up Past 99 Giving Maxed Message In Chat Fixed Combat Updates
      -Cerberus, Corp, And Skotizo No Longer Hit You From Very Far Away
    • For those of you who may be experiencing difficulties such as not being able to right-click as should, or any other weird client malfunctions etc you may be facing - this should be the guide for you! Common errors often involve having more than one version of the Java JRE or JDK installed at one time.   First, you'll need to navigate to the link below. https://www.java.com/en/download/uninstalltool.jsp And download the Uninstall Tool provided by Oracle. After removing all versions, navigate to Google and find Java JRE Download as well as Java JDK Download and download the most up-to-date versions of both.
    • Raid Updates
      -Dying Inside Raids Respawns You At One Of The Entrance Doors
      -Every Death Inside Raids Floor One Increases The Total Kill Count Required By 10
      -Every Death Inside Raids Floor One Increases The Total Resources Required By 50
      -Every Death Inside Raids Floor Two Increases The Bosses Required To Kill By 3 Bug Updates
      -Extreme Combat Potion Unmakeable Fixed
      -Raid Rewards Sent To Bank Noted Fixed
      -Incorrect Well Of Goodwill Trivia Question Fixed
      -"A Viscious Thief" Trivia Question Fixed
      -Ultimate Ironmen And All In One Players Able To Leave Raids With Items Inside Bank Fixed Donator Updates
      -Command ::dz2 For Desert Zone
      -Command ::dz3 For Lonely Island
      -Command ::dz4 For Waterfall Zone NPC Updates
      -Weapon Master Added To Home Client Updates
      -Herbert The Herb Models Skilling Updates
      -Herblore Pet Can Be Aquired
    • Title says it all .. I claim these. 😉
    • Item Updates
      -Abyssal Vine Whip Default Price Increased
      -Abyssal Vine Whip Stats Increased Miscellaneous Updates
      -Fellstalk Seeds Can No Longer Be Planted
      -Tracker/Scoreboard Added For Total Donated To Wells
      -Daily Tasks Progression Messages Added To Game Filter
      -Extreme Combat Potion Added To Ingrediants Book
      -Magic Watering Can Has A Chance To Drop While Farming
      -Seed Dibber/Rake/Secateurs Can Be Added To The Toolbelt
      -Boss Pet Saving System Redone Bug Updates
      -Vet'ion And Venenatis Being Instanceable Fixed
      -Extreme Combat Potions Requiring Magic And Range Potions Fixed
      -Blacksmiths Helmet Equipping In Weapon Slot Fixed
      -Giant Pouch Right Click Options Fixed
      -God Chaps Equipping As Weapon Fixed
      -Boss Pets Showing Incorrect Amount In-game Fixed Client Updates
      -Scoreboard Interface Extended
      -Seed Dibber/Rake/Secateurs Right Click Options Player Log Updates
      -Logs For All Items Players Buy And Sell Including Total Value
      -Logs For All Items Players Lost On Death
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