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  2. Bug Updates -Inability To Buy Last 2 Slayer Perks Fixed -Bandos Attacking Players Not Inside The Room Fixed -Well Of Goodwill Replacing Daily Bonus While Active Fixed -Well Of Wealth Replacing Shooting Star While Active Fixed -Lootshare Preventing Drops Fixed -Caskets Giving Wrong Amounts Fixed -Ability To Equip Javelins And Knives To Increase Ranged Strength Fixed Client Updates -Preset Interface ID's Adjusted Well Updates -Donating Items No Longer Returns Cash If The Value Is Higher Than Required (The Well Is Extended By The Additional Value) -Spirit Shards Are No Longer Usable To Get Double Item Value Miscellaneous Updates -Easter Quest No Longer Gives Basket Of Eggs -Free For All Minigame Finished Item Updates -Basket Of Eggs Given 1B Alch Value -Artifacts Default Value Increased -Max Cape Value Increased -Veteran Cape Value Increased -Twisted Bow Shoots One Tick Faster Superior Slayer Updates -Superior Slayer Monsters Do Not Spawn Until The Original Respawn Timer Is Completed -Superior Slayer Monsters Appear Slightly More Often -Superior Slayer Monsters Do Not Spawn After The Last Kill Of The Task -Superior Slayer Monsters Automatically Attack You If You Are Within Distance -After 6 Minutes Of No Attacking A Superior Monster Will Despawn -Glitch Where Superior Slayer Monsters Dropped Quad Drops Instead Of Triple Fixed
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  4. Client Updates -Game And Music Sounds Fixed -Smithing Pet Model -Cooking Pet Model -Zombie Pet -Slayer Unlockable Interface Extended -Right Click Option For Experience Lamps Miscellaneous Updates -Hammer, Chisel, And Knife Added To Toolbelt -Smithing Pet Released -Cooking Pet Released -Graveyard Minigame Pet Released -Casket Rewards Changed -Claim-All Option Added For Experience Lamps Bug Updates -Bri Not Giving Boss Points Fixed -Zulrah Group Tele Countdown Continuing Fixed -Teleporting To Zulrah Disabling Certain Things Fixed Slayer Updates -Unholy Cursebearer Unlockable Added -Hell Puppy Unlockable Added
  5. Bug Updates -Boss Points And KC Not Being Given Fixed -Ingame Voting Counter Fixed -Teleport Interface Wrong Experience Required Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Superior Slayer Monsters Give Two Additonal Rolls On The Drop Table -Prayer Pet Released -Barrows Tickets Give You 10 Minutes Of Unlimited Access To Underground -Underground Barrows Spawns Slightly Changed -Woodcutting Teleport Moved Down 20 Squares -Shooting Star Removed From Taverly Dungeon Item Updates -Perfect Scroll Given Value Of 250m Client Updates -Extending Boss Pet Interface -Bones Pet Skilling Updates -Noted Runite Ore Count Towards Runite Mining Achievement Drop Updates -Common Drops For Staff Bosses Changed
  6. Miscellaneous Updates -If You Have An Active Instance Running You Can Teleport Back To It -Potions Of Banking Work In The Staff Boss Rooms -You Can Only Have One Effigy At Once -Effigies Are Dropped More Commonly -Every 20 Votes It Displays The Last Persons To Votes Name -Free For All Minigame Basic Structure Finished Bug Updates -Bandos Avatar Teleporting To You When You're No Longer Fighting Him Fixed -Spirit Shields Unsellable In Shops Fixed -Amulet Of Fury (Or) Unsellable In Shops Fixed -Potion Of Banking Saying Overload Fixed -Bri Not Using A Combat Script Fixed -Deathly Spirit Shield Not Announcing Fixed -Vanguard Legs Wrong Price Fixed -Clanchat Lootshare Sending Valuable Message To Wrong Player Fixed -Inability To Buy Blue Runecrafter Outfit Fixed Combat Updates -Dihn's Bulwark Special Added -Cannon Only Gives Range XP -Duo Slayer Shares Kill Count And Boss Points -Clans With Lootshare Enabled Share Kill Count And Boss Points -All Javelins, Except Morrigan's, Moved To The Arrow Slot (For Ballista) Item Updates -Saggitarian Armor Higher Magic Defence -Deathly Spirit Shield Value Increased To 2B NPC Updates -Scorpia Respawn Timer Cut In Half Drop Updates -Twisted Buckler And Dihn's Bulwark Removed From Unholy Cursebearer Drops -Potions Of Banking Removed From Staff Boss Drops -Potions Of Banking Added To Unholy Cursebearers Drops -Unholy Cursebearers Common Drops Buffed Backend Updates (Stuff You Won't See Ever) -Backup System Lowered To Every 3 Hours Instead Of 6 Hours
  7. Bug Updates -Vote Scrolls Being Sent To Wrong Tab When Inside Dung Fixed -Kills Tracker Message Fixed -Mystical Pouch Wrong Item Id When Creating Fixed -Boss Teleport Interface Not Showing Name Of Boss Up Top Fixed -Willow Shortbow Incorrect Level Requirement Fixed Client Updates -Upgraded Dragon Pickaxe Right Click Option -Dungeoneering Bind Option For Arrows -Noted Adamantite Ore Rock -Noted Runite Bar Rock Renamed Noted Runite Ore Rock -Noted Runite Ores Added To Donator Zone -Staff Boss NPC -Staff Boss Pet -Staff Boss Armors Changed -Extending Boss Teleport Interface -Bri Portal Miscellaneous Updates -Kills Tracker Message Removed From Filter Messages -Developer Filter Added To Quest Panel -Combat Filter Hits Moved To Developer Filter -DFS Charges Added To Developer Filter -Voting Confirmation Added To Developer Filter -Arrows Can Be Found Seperately From Armor And Weapons In Dung -Coal Maximum Vine Amount Increased To 8 -When In The Tutorial Your Health And Defence Is Set To 15k To Prevent Deaths -Item Values Updated With Ized's Price Guide -Items Over 1m Coins High Alch For 70% -Staff Bosses Pre-Fight Area Moved To Dungeons In Teleport Interface -Staff Bosses Individually Added To Boss Teleports -Angler Outfit Gives A Chance To Catch A Second Fish Donator Updates -Lonely Island Noted Rune Bars Replaced With Noted Adamantite Ores -Noted Runite Ores Added To Waterfall Zone Shop Updates -Trivia Shop Prices Lowered -Death Touched Dart Added To Trivia Shop -Primal, Dragonbone, And Saggitarian Removed From Dungeoneering Shop Drop Updates -Bloodmist Spirit Shield Removed From Goody's Drops -Bloodmist Spirit Shield Added To Unholy Cursebearers Drops -Dragonbone Melee Removed From Venenatis Drops -Goody Drops Full Dragonbone Mage -Pure Drops Full Dragonbone Melee -Herb Drops Full Primal -Bri Drops Full Saggitarian
  9. Combat Updates -Vetion Lightning Attack Extended By 1 Tick -All NPC's Over 5000 (x10) Hitpoints Are Multi-Combat -Necromancer No Longer Heals Himself -Instance System For Most Bosses Added Bug Updates -Herbal Remedy Not Disappearing On Use Fixed -New Slayer Unlockable Buttons Not Working Fixed -Whirlpool Fixed -Broken Trivia Question Removed -Trade Screen Interface Invisible Fixed -Using The Pendant Necklace To Teleport To Staff Bosses Without Token Fixed -Equipment Tab Experience Locker Fixed Slayer Updates -Slayer Unlockable Requirements Added Before Point Message -Terror Dogs Added To Sumona/Death Tasks -Kraken Cannot Be Assigned If You Have A Duo Partner Skilling Updates -Fishing Re-written (Probably Nothing Noticable) NPC Updates -Blood Reaver Respawn Time Cut In Half Client Updates -Right Click Options Updated For Event Teleporter To Show Cost Of Teleporting -Trade Screen Interface Updated Shop Updates -Abyssal And Obsidian Charm Added To Summoning Store Item Updates -Seismic Katana Default Value Increased -Guthix Godsword Default Value Increased -Zaros Godsword Default Value Increased Weapon Game Updates -After Getting A Kill Your Health Restores To 750 -You Can No Longer Use Your Special In The Arena
  10. Hey guys Singularis team here, Starting off this month great by doing double points in legit pretty much everything. From slayer, to dungeoneering, all the way to vote points. Along with this our one and only master iZed has donated 30 HOURS to the Well Of Wealth. Hop on now to take advantage of iZed's kindness 🙂 P.S. The event ends on Sunday
  11. Bug Updates -Melee Brawling Gloves Not Working Fixed -Runecrafting Pouches Options Fixed -Inability To Buy Dragon Staff From Prestige Store Fixed -Armadyl Crossbow Spec Fixed -Perfect Ring Wrong Cooldown Fixed -Saradomin Slayer Teleport Fixed -Zulrah Not Being Instanced Fixed -Not Able To Sell Ironman Items When Inventory Full Fixed Client Updates -Runecrafting Pouches Right Click Options -Slayer Unlockables -Wilderness Agility Portal Cache Updates -Perfect Ring Timer Sprites Item Updates -Vanguard Armor Stats Changed -Dragonbone Melee Armor Stats Changed -Ward Upgrade Kit Value Increased -Fury Upgrade Kit Value Increased Miscellaneous Updates -Cannon Can Only Be Used In The Same Places As OSRS Combat Updates -Ice Gloves/Ice Arrows Do More Damage Against Bandos Avatar Slayer Updates -Slayer Unlockable - A Wet Dream -Slayer Unlockable - Death's Sweet Kiss -Slayer Unlockable - Gold Cannon -Slayer Unlockable - Royal Cannon -Slayer Unlockable - Restocking -Death Can Assign Staff Bosses As A Task Shop Updates -Giant Pouch Lowered In Runecrafting Store Summoning Updates -Iron Titan Special Ability Added -Abyssal Titan Special Ability Added Bonus Points Activated -1.5x Experience In Everything -Double Slayer Points -Double Prestige Points -Double Vote Scrolls/Legendary Boxes From Voting -Double Pest Control Points -Double Dungeoneering Points -Double Weapon Game Points -Double Donator Points
  12. At 99 you get 3 prestige points and almost all skills when the will of goodwill is activated can be achieved in an hour or 2. if you wanna grind prestige points you'll take the time to get 500m xp so i see no reason not to be able to keep using tbh.
  13. Item Updates -Chaotic Staff Is 2 Handed -Toxic Staff Of The Dead Is 2 Handed -Deathly Spirit Shield Stats Buffed -Blood Mist Spirit Shield Stats Buffed Bug Updates -Combat Brawling Gloves Not Working Fixed -Graveyard Minigame Not Giving Double Fragments For Every 100 KC Fixed -Dungeoneering Streak Not Resetting When Leaving Dung Fixed -Dungeoneering Multiplier Not Decreasing When Leaving The Area Fixed -Dungeoneering Master Cape Operate Not Working Fixed -Dungeoneering Bows Defaulting To Melee Hits Fixed -Overload And Prayer Renewal Timer Not Disappearing On Death Fixed -Deathly Spirit Shield Not Giving Experience Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Dungeoneering Streak Added To Second Quest Panel -All Pets Are Tradable -If You Haven't Claimed A Pet Then You Can Get Multiple Of The Same Pet -Casket Pet Added -Crystal Chest Pet Added -You Automatically Combine Multiple Dragon Square Shields At Once -New Unlimited Highscores/Scoreboards Interface Added (Easier To Use) -Total Pets Collected Scoreboard Added -Steel Titan Special Ability Added -Staff Bosses Drop Raw Rocktails In Larger Quantities Client Updates -Cassie The Casket -Crissy The Crystal Chest -Scoreboards/Hiscores Interface Skilling Updates -Runecrafter Outfits Give 10% Bonus XP For Each Piece (50% For All 4 Pieces)
  14. I feel like you would be able to farm 99s 2x quicker and points extremely fast, kinda makes the grind a bit pointless imo if you're handed the points.
  15. I don't see why we shouldn't be able to, if we've already hit 99/200m XP once, we should be able to wear it whenever. I doubt most/any of the 99/master cape perks could be abused on Level 1.
  16. Currently once you have prestiged a skill the ability to wear the 99 cape and master cape of that skill is lost until you reach 99 or 200m xp again.
  17. Miscellaneous Updates -Staff Bosses Respawn Twice As Fast -Dungeoneering Master Cape Operating Acts As A Super Pot -Global Message Added For Maxing, Not Just Reaching 120 In All Skills -Brawling Gloves Give x2 Experience Outside Wilderness And x3 Experience Inside -Graphic Added When Deathly Spirit Shield K0's An NPC -Well Of Wealth And Well Of Goodwill Can Be Extended While They Are Active Item Updates -Blood Mist Spirit Shield Reflects 45% Of All Damage -Barronian Ore Is Stackable -Deathly Spirit Shield Given Base Value Bug Updates -Rune Arrowtips Giving Wrong XP Fixed -Item Foring "Forged A A" Message Fixed -Looting Bag Not Letting Stackable Items Go Into Bag Fixed -Smoke Battlestaff And Orb Of Armadyl Not Annoucing Globally Fixed -Demonic Gorilla's Restoring Health When Changing Forms Fixed -Hitting 0's With Perfect Ring Equipped Fixed Client Updates -Well Of Goodwill/Wealth Extend Right Click Options Ironman Store Updates -Deathtouched Dart Added -Bonecrusher Added -Charming Imp Added -Onyx Gem Added -Ecumenical Key Added -$5 Donation Scroll Added -Crystal Key Added -Ring Of Wealth Added -Blue Charm Added -God Books Added -Black Dragonhide Added
  18. Poll closed, 45% damage is reflected back at the NPC.
  19. Bug Updates -Rag And Bone Man Wvern Bones Fixed -Skilling Interface Levels Fixed -Incorrect Trivia Fixed -Bandos Godsword Incorrect Spec Amount Fixed -Oak Shortbow Make 10 And Make 5 Fixed Miscllenaeous Updates -Brawling Gloves Increased From 1.5x To 2.5x -Karil And Torag Added To Southeast Barrows Corner -Verac And Dharok Added To Northwest Barrows Corner -Master Attack Cape (120) Gives Free Access To The Warriors Guild -Rimmington And Port Sarim City Teleports Added -Drop Rate Bonus Added To Quest Panel -Wearing The Big Luck Yin Yang Increases Chances Of Getting Another Amulet Drop -Wolpertinger Scroll Effect Added -::tag Command For Searching A Particular Tag On The Forums -Gold Donators Can Hide Their Profile From Other Players -Kills Tracker Double Loot Is Infinite Instead Of Stopping Double Loot At 20k Kills -You Get Triple Loot For Your 1000th Kill Item Updates -Perfect Ring Can Be Operated Once Every 2 Minutes And Thirty Seconds -Saradomin Sword Attack Speed Increased Forum Updates -Automatic Email System Setup Client Updates -Pets Pick-up Option Moved To Right Click -City Teleports Added -Max Cape Customizations -Max And Comp Cape Right Click Revert Option
  20. The 85% would be 85% chance not 85% of damage lol
  21. 85% way too overpowered. I like the 45% the best, I'd be okay with a 60% reflect as well.
  22. The Blood-Mist Spirit Shield at current is a more rare drop than the divine. Should the special effect become stronger/better to reflect it's rarity or is it's current special effect already strong enough?
  23. Bug Updates -Gatestone Given To All Dungeoneering Party Members Fixed -Not Fully Leaving Dungeoneering Party Fixed -Trade Interface Saying Goody Instead Of Other Players Name Fixed -Yin Yang Amulet Not Equipping As An Amulet Fixed Item Updates -Wyvern Bones Are Noteable Client Updates -Gambler NPC Right Click Options -Wildywyrm Pet -Angler Outfit Definitions Cache Updates -Angler Outfit Models Miscellaneous Updates -New High Pot Lottery Added 25m Entry Fee -Wildywyrm Drops The Pet 1/100 -Pak Yak Special Ability Added -Easter Miniquest Added (Some Rewards Are For This Week Only) Shop Updates -Angler Outfit Added To Skill Point Shop Forum Updates -Client Links Post Added To Knowledge Base
  24. Launcher: http://singularisv2.com/client/SinLauncher.jar Most Recent Client: http://singularisv2.com/client/SinClient.jar Second Newest Client: http://singularisv2.com/client/SinClientOld.jar Test Client: http://singularisv2.com/client/SinClientTest.jar
  25. Bug Updates -Fishing Sending Duplicate Pet Message Fixed -Dungeoneering Only Allowing The Host To Bring In A Cape Fixed -Amulet Of Ranging Giving Incorrect Range Bonus Fixed Item Updates -Dragon Platebody Default Item Value Increased -Upgraded Yin Yang Amulet Gives 10% Drop Rate Bonus -Wearing Upgraded Yin Yang Amulet And Any Of The Upgraded Ring Of Wealths Gives 25% Drop Rate Bonus Forum Updates -List Of All Items From Legendary Mystery Box Posted In Miscellaneous Guides -Prestige Formula Posted In Knowledge Base Cache Updates -Trade Interface Sprite Client Updates -Trade Interface Updated -Yellow Runecrafter Outfit
  26. Once you reach level 99 in a skill you have the ability to prestige it (reset your level to 1 and experience to 0) in order to gain points to spend at a store along with some additional benefits depending on the skill and the amount prestiged. The formula for how many points you will receive is as follows. Base Points attack: 3 defence: 3 strength: 3 constitution: 3 ranged: 3 prayer: 7 magic: 3 cooking: 3 woodcutting: 3 fletching: 3 fishing: 4 firemaking: 3 crafting: 5 smithing: 7 mining: 3 herblore: 6 agility: 7 thieving: 3 slayer: 8 farming: 9 runecrafting: 5 construction: 5 hunter: 6 summoning: 5 dungeoneering: 5 GameMode Bonus Normal : 1 Ironman : 1.3 Extreme : 1.6 Extreme Ironman : 1.9 Ultimate : 2.2 Hardcore : 2.5 All In One : 2.8 New Bonus = GameMode Bonus + (Experience in that skill / 500m) * 5 Total Prestige Points = New Bonus * Base Points
  27. Ultra Rare Rewards: Briefcase Partyhat and spectacles Red partyhat Green partyhat White partyhat Yellow partyhat Blue partyhat Purple partyhat Black partyhat Lime partyhat Pink partyhat Sky Blue partyhat Lava partyhat Diamond partyhat Third-age druidic staff Third-age druidic robe top Third-age druidic robe Scythe Green h'ween mask Red h'ween mask Blue h'ween mask Winter H'Ween Mask Third-age druidic wreath Third-age druidic cloak Bunny ears Santa hat Black Santa hat Lime Santa hat Pink Santa hat Lava Santa hat Diamond Santa hat Musketeer hat Witchdoctor robes Witchdoctor legs Witchdoctor mask Spirit cape Fox mask White unicorn mask Black unicorn mask Frost dragon mask Bronze dragon mask Iron dragon mask Steel dragon mask Mithril dragon mask Investigator's coat Investigator's trousers Investigator's hat Swanky boots Quest point cape Very Rare Rewards: Dragon claws Torva platebody Torva platelegs Torva full helm Korasi's sword Briefcase Armadyl godsword Bonesack(e) Lily of the valley Bunny ears Charming imp Pernix body Pernix cowl Pernix chaps Virtus mask Virtus robe top Virtus robe legs Rare Rewards: Chaotic crossbow Vesta's longsword Dragon full helm (or) Dragon platebody (or) Dragon platelegs (or) Dragon plateskirt (or) Dragon square shield (or) Dragon full helm (sp) Dragon platebody (sp) Dragon platelegs (sp) Dragon plateskirt (sp) Dragon sq shield (sp) Bandos godsword Saradomin godsword Zamorak godsword Hand cannon Skill-plaque Boss point scroll Slayer Point Pie Uncommon Rewards: Black gold-trimmed armour set (lg) Black gold-trimmed armour set (sk) Gold-trimmed blue wizard set Golden Maul Saradomin sword Saradomin sword Chaotic rapier Chaotic maul Statius's full helm Ring of wealth Skill-plaque Boss point scroll Slayer Point Pie Common Rewards: Master wand Mages' book Dark bow Abyssal whip Flameburst defender Staff of light Rainbow afro Dragon hatchet Dragon pickaxe TokHaar-Kal Seers' ring (i) Archers' ring (i) Warrior ring (i) Berserker ring (i) Fighter torso Ranger boots Skill-plaque Boss point scroll Slayer Point Pie
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