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  1. Goody


    Project S is the new name, should it be reset for the re-launch?
  2. Bug Updates -Night-Gazer Inside Raids Fixed -Overload Prestige Benefit Giving Damage Based On Old Timer Fixed -Barrows Smithing Giving One Bolt Rack Per Bar Fixed Client Updates -Live Prayer And Hitpoints Tracker Added To Inventory Area -Ctrl On An Item Shows It's Stats -Player Model Defaulting To Last Monster Killed Fixed -Pickpocket NPC's Have Attack As The Second Option -Slayer Interface Task Task Menu Replaced With Buttons -Game Mode/Player Rank Icon Shows Above Player Heads Shop Updates -Steel Bars Added To Ironman Point Store -Christmas Cracker Added To Donator Store Miscellaneous Updates -Zomboi The Zombie Gives Double Graveyard Fragments While In The Graveyard Minigame -Mondays Are Now Bonus Points For All Minigames And Not Just Pest Control -When Doing Duo Slayer You Need To Deal At Least 1/3 Damage To Count Towards Achievements/Boss Points -When Using Lootshare You Need To Deal At Least 1/5 Damage To Count Towards Achievements/Boss Points -Every Time You Prestige Slayer You Can Choose Your Own Task One Time Per Day (Up To 5 Times Per Day) Item Updates -Blowpipe Buffed -Drygore Longsword Buffed -Brutal Whip Accuracy Increased/Strength Lowered -Dragon Javelin Ranged Strength Increased
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  4. Night-Gazer Updates -Night-Gazer Added To Death Slayer Tasks -Night-Gazer Can Be Instanced -Night-Gazer Is Multi-Combat Bug Updates -Ability To Hunt Night-Gazer Before Purchasing Slayer Unlockable Fixed -Collector Icon Not Showing Additional Drop Rate Fixed -Night-Gazer Not Having Baby Gaze On Drop Table Fixed -Night-Gazer Slayer Unlockable Button Not Clickable Fixed -Some Pets Not Announcing Globally Fixed -Ring Of Charos/Ring Of Virtue Spec Effect Not Working Fixed -Fighting Instance Monsters Sometimes Causing Issues With Teleporting Later Fixed -Herb Not Dropping Herbal Remedy Fixed -Boss Teleport Interface Showing Incorrect Valuable Drops For Staff Bosses Fixed Client Updates -Slayer Unlockable Interface Extended -Dr. Potato Character Models Added -Uncut Zenyte Right Click "Cut" Option Added -Holding Shift Inside The Bank Allows You To Move Stacks Of Items To And From -Boss Teleport Interface Extended -Pure Staff Boss/Objects Renamed To Speedy Item Updates -Granite Tablet Base Value Increased Miscellaneous Updates -Final Slayer Helm Upgrade Added To Slayer Unlockables (Extra 25% Damage And Accuracy On Task) -Demonic Gorilla's Added To Death Slayer Tasks -Slug Menace Quest Removed From Quest Panel -Rare Mystery Box Dialogue Changed -Every 500th Boss Kill The Killer Gets A Legendary Mystery Box Item Dropped -Every 1500th Boss Kill The Killer Gets A Random Ultra Rare Mystery Box Item Dropped -Dr. Potato Added To Boss Teleport Interface -Bal'lak The Pummeler Added To Boss Teleport Interface -Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter Added To Boss Teleport Interface -To'Kash the Bloodchiller Added To Boss Teleport Interface -Voting Messages Sent In-game Changed -Warning Message Added When Teleporting To Nomad Drop Updates -Saggitarian Removed From Brisingr And Added To Bal'lak The Pummeler -Dragonbone Melee Removed From Herb And Added To Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter -Primal Removed From Speedy And Added To To'Kash the Bloodchiller -Dragonbone Mage Removed From Goody And Added To All Staff Bosses Evenly
  5. Miscellaneous Updates -Master Cape Experience Required Is 104m -Gem Bag Upgrade Gives Noted Gems When Emptying -Thegoodybandit Clue Scroll Is Elite Clues Only -Maximum Drop Rate Bonus Without The Well On Is 60% -Night Gazer Icons Finished -Night Gazer Teleport Works -New Achievement Added -After Prestiging 5 Times Master Capes Are Equipable At 39m Experience Bug Updates -Levels Stuck Under 120 That Were Max XP Before 120 Update Fixed -Plant A Seed Achievement Fixed Cache Updates -Poison Orb Sprite Client Updates -When Poisoned The Constitution Orb Turns Green Item Updates -Completionist Cape Buffed -Serpentine Helmet Buffed Drop Updates -Staff Bosses Drop Christmas Crackers -Night Gazer Drops Icons Shop Updates -Items In Boss Point Shop Price Lowered -Christmas Cracker Added To Boss Point Shop
  6. Bug Updates -Having To Log Out After Completing A Raid Fixed -Clue Scroll And Pet Achievement Fixed -Callisto And Lizard Shaman Causing DC Fixed -Blacksmiths Helmet Giving Wrong XP Fixed -Angler Outfit Giving Ridiculous Fishing Experience Fixed -Skills Being Set To 120 After Maximum Experience Reached Fixed Shop Updates -Amulet (t) Necklaces Removed From Jewelry Store/Moved To Skill Point Store Client Updates -Pet Boxes Being Named Legendary Mystery Box Fixed -Brawling Gloves Not Having Equip Model Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Kahlua The Clue Scroll Pet Is More Common -Current Bonus XP Gained Added To Quest Panel (Not Including Donator/Brawling Gloves) -400% Maximum XP Can Be Gained At Once (Not Including Donator/Brawling Glove XP Boosts) -Skill Capes Give 1.5x XP -Master Capes Give 2x XP -Revert Option For Perfect Ring/Amulet Has A Second Approval Dialogue -When Splitting An Amulet Of Fury (or) You Get A Fury Ornament Kit Back -All Skills Go To 120
  7. Bug Updates -Angler Outfit Not Giving Extra Experience Fixed -Bandos Avatar Teleporting Inside Raids Fixed -Raid Duo Chest Bug Fixed -Firemaking Continuing To Add To Fire After The Fire Has Gone Out Fixed -Ability To Equip Charos And Perfect Items Before Prestiging The Required Amounts Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Turney The Turnip Pet Can Be Gotten From Picking Flax -After Prestiging Fishing You Can Toggle Which Fish You Want From Spots That Have Multiple -Death Slayer Tasks Count Towards 10 Elite Slayer Achievement -Hard Achievement Added -New Elite Achievemenets Added -Herb Patch And Herblore Secondary Store Added To Center Of Raids 2 -New Wildywyrm Locations -New Evil Tree Locations -Smithing Dragon Equipment Requires 110 Smithing -Amulet Of Charos Can Be Created By Comining All Necklace Jewelry -Perfect Amulet Can Be Created By Sacraficing The Amulet Of Charos And A Perfect Scroll -Complex Key Is Safe On Death Drop Updates -Darklight Removed From Skotizo Drop Table -All Staff Bosses Drop Pet Boxes Item Updates -Perfect Spirit Shield Instantly K0's 15% More Often -Perfect Spirit Shield Item Bonuses Increased -Darklight Increases Max Hit On Demons By 30% -After 1000 Demon Kills Silverlight Can Be Upgraded Into Darklight -Ring Of Charos Stats Slightly Lowered Client Updates -Pet Box Inventory Model -Amulet Of Charos Model -Perfect Amulet Model
  8. Bug Updates -Ironmen Able To Death Trade Items Fixed -Incorrect Trivia Store Prices Fixed -Hardcore Ironmen Unable To Use Potion Of Banking Fixed -Wrong Message For Attempting To Equip Singularis' Amulet Fixed -Inability To Buy New Brawling Gloves Fixed -Whistle Not Calling Familiar In Certain Areas Fixed -Raid NPC Deaths/Total Resources Required Not Showing Until First Raid Finished Fixed -Ability To Claim Multiple Rewards In Parties Greater Than One Inside Raids Fixed -Muliple Raids At Once Causing NPC's To Disappear Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -All Skill Capes Give x2 Experience -The Max Cape Has All The Effects Of The Skill Capes -All Master Capes Give x3 Experience -Degradable Items Can Be Examined To Show How Many Charges Are Left -Barronian Ore Is A Drop From The Barrows Chest -::droplog Command Added -Runecrafting Brawling Gloves Give 5% Less Damage At Runespan -Teleport Other Spells To Lumbridge, Falador, And Camelot Work Drop Updates -KBD Drops Dragonian Ore Shop Updates -Purple Sweets Added To Boss/Skill Point Store Client Updates -Right Click Teleport Option Added To Master Woodcutting Cape -Right Click Options For Fish
  9. Prestige Updates -Summoning: Gives A 5% Chance To Save Your Charms When Infusing Pouches -Agility: At Prestige 2 You Won't Fail The Barbarian Agility Course -Agility: At Prestige 4 You Won't Fail The Wilderness Agility Course -Farming: The Higher Your Prestige The Faster Your Crops Will Grow/Also Chance To Instantly Grow Them Miscellaneous Updates -Chewed Bones Can Be Burned With The Tinderbox Inside The Toolbelt Client Updates -Chewed Bones Right Click Option
  10. Bug Updates -Names With More Than One Blank Space Next To Another Not Being Able To Type In ClanChat Fixed -Brawling Gloves Not Working Sometimes Fixed (All Used Charges Are Reset) -Amulet Of Singularis Equippable At 500k Loyalty Points Fixed -Smithing Darts Making Bolts Fixed -Staff Of The Dead 2-Handed Fixed -Storage Bags Allowing To Withdraw With Full Inventory Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Item Degrading System Re-Written -Zulrah Scales Can Be Traded In For A Chance On The Rare Drop Table -Non Normal Game Modes Get An Additional 20% Experience Bonus While The Well Is Active -Gambler Added To Home Fountain -Donations Into The Well Of Goodwill And Well Of Wealth Increase Loyalty Points Earned -When Creating A New Account You No Longer Have To Log In And Out To See The Game Mode Icon -After Collecting 50 Resources At A Noted Skilling Area You Must Reclick The Object -NPC's Should Teleport To Unreachable Locations Less Often -Hexhunter Bow Added To Dungeoneering Drop Table Shop Updates -Trivia Store Cosmetics Lowered -Master Achievement Store Added Client Updates -Zulrah Teleport Model -Right Click Option For Zulrah Scales -Right Click Option For Iron Armor Set -Right Click Option For Achievement Store Drop Updates -Magic Fang Drops Slightly More Commonly -Zulrah Drops A Instance Teleport Commonly
  11. Miscellaneous Updates -Vote Scrolls Get Sent To The Bank If Your Inventory Is Full -Clue Scrolls Get Sent To The Bank If You Receive One Inside The Wilderness -99 Capes Can Always Be Worn After Prestiging The First Time -Overload Potions Last A Minute Longer For Each Time You've Prestiged Herblore -Raids Give Uncut Gems In Smaller Quantities -$5 Donator Scroll Replaced With $20 Donator Scroll Inside Ironman Point Store -Prestige Effects Added To Prestige Guide On Forums Client Updates -Right Click Option For Tinderbox -Right Click Option For Cut Gems Skilling Updates -Fletching And Burning Logs Can Be Done From The Toolbelt -Cutting Cut Gems A Second Time Can Be Done From The Toolbelt Bug Updates -Saggitarian Legs Equipping As Weapon Fixed -Colored Max Capes Not Having Ava's Effect Fixed -Ladder To Enter KBD Dungeon From Wilderness Not Working Fixed -::gamble Stairs Taking You To Warrior's Guild Fixed -Multiple Bosses Spawning At Raids If You Logout During Raid Fixed -Dihn's Bulwark Spec Not Grabbing Aggression Fixed -Overlapping Evil Trees And Shooting Star Locations Removed -Skills Leveled Up Past 99 Giving Maxed Message In Chat Fixed Combat Updates -Cerberus, Corp, And Skotizo No Longer Hit You From Very Far Away
  12. Raid Updates -Dying Inside Raids Respawns You At One Of The Entrance Doors -Every Death Inside Raids Floor One Increases The Total Kill Count Required By 10 -Every Death Inside Raids Floor One Increases The Total Resources Required By 50 -Every Death Inside Raids Floor Two Increases The Bosses Required To Kill By 3 Bug Updates -Extreme Combat Potion Unmakeable Fixed -Raid Rewards Sent To Bank Noted Fixed -Incorrect Well Of Goodwill Trivia Question Fixed -"A Viscious Thief" Trivia Question Fixed -Ultimate Ironmen And All In One Players Able To Leave Raids With Items Inside Bank Fixed Donator Updates -Command ::dz2 For Desert Zone -Command ::dz3 For Lonely Island -Command ::dz4 For Waterfall Zone NPC Updates -Weapon Master Added To Home Client Updates -Herbert The Herb Models Skilling Updates -Herblore Pet Can Be Aquired
  13. Item Updates -Abyssal Vine Whip Default Price Increased -Abyssal Vine Whip Stats Increased Miscellaneous Updates -Fellstalk Seeds Can No Longer Be Planted -Tracker/Scoreboard Added For Total Donated To Wells -Daily Tasks Progression Messages Added To Game Filter -Extreme Combat Potion Added To Ingrediants Book -Magic Watering Can Has A Chance To Drop While Farming -Seed Dibber/Rake/Secateurs Can Be Added To The Toolbelt -Boss Pet Saving System Redone Bug Updates -Vet'ion And Venenatis Being Instanceable Fixed -Extreme Combat Potions Requiring Magic And Range Potions Fixed -Blacksmiths Helmet Equipping In Weapon Slot Fixed -Giant Pouch Right Click Options Fixed -God Chaps Equipping As Weapon Fixed -Boss Pets Showing Incorrect Amount In-game Fixed Client Updates -Scoreboard Interface Extended -Seed Dibber/Rake/Secateurs Right Click Options Player Log Updates -Logs For All Items Players Buy And Sell Including Total Value -Logs For All Items Players Lost On Death
  14. Drop Updates -Bandos Always Drops Ourg Bones -Spiritual Mages Drop Dragon Boots -Kraken Drops The Trident Of The Seas Bug Updates -Blacksmiths Helmet Not Having Price Fixed -Ability To Enter Final Raid Door Trapping Yourself Fixed -Some Brawling Gloves Causing DC/Freeze Fixed -Bandos Avatar Teleporting Inside Raids Fixed -Staff Of Light Not Having Spec Bar Fixed -Loyalty Points Bug Fixed -Autocasting Only Working On Some NPC's Fixed Miscellanoues Updates -Bosses In The Wilderness Can No Longer Be Instanced -Unholy Cursebearer Can No Longer Be Instanced -Gambling Interface Temporarily Disabled -Ironmen Can No Longer Trade Inside Raids -Daily Tasks Give Loyalty Points For Completing Them -Double Donator Points Removed Combat Updates -Spiritual Mages Require 83 Slayer To Kill -Zulrah Combat Spawning Changed Skilling Updates -Agility Skilling Pet Rate Lowered -Extreme Potions Can Be Mixed With 4 Dose Potions -Extreme Combat Potions Can Be Mixed At Level 95 Herblore Client Updates -Extreme Combat Potion Models
  15. Hey guys, A few people have asked for a double donator point weekend so here it is: 6/28/2019 - 6/30/2019 Double points are awarded in-game and will go until Sunday night at midnight EST. Thanks everyone! -Singularis Team