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  1. also, jagex is still providing content, for endgame, midgame, and newbies, idk why you think they arent? they have polls literally for content updates
  2. Everyones who at endgame has stopped playing for the most part, thats why you only see me. Its 100% goodys job to keep pushing content so when you hit endgame you have reasons to keep playing, no one said the gear needs to get better and better, having options at end game instead of running the same set all the time keeps things fresh and also gives new players options to pick from that are different then the original gear rs normally provides. If you join a server and see bosses with new items any new player would be intrigued to see what it does and it would give them more of a reason to play, i believe custom items are a win win for new and old players alike.
  3. Custom items could be recommended with models in discord and voted on through discord if its seen as overpowered before it enters the game.