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Ultimate Raids Guide

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Hey guys since i've been getting a lot of questions about raids recently I thought it would be more helpful to make a guide about the ins and outs and raids so you know what to expect.

First and foremost this is a custom raids, so if you're expecting an OSRS or even an RS3 experience, then you're most likely going to be disappointed. The raids area is the stronghold of security and each level of the stronghold is a different floor in raids. Right now there are only two floors available: "No Items" and "No Consumables".

P.S. Inside of raids you can search the skeletons on the ground for a hammer.


"No Items"

In this floor, as the name suggests, you may not bring any items with you into the dungeon. You will be given an iron scimitar, and some starter coins to begin with, but everything else that you wish to use, you will have to acquire yourself. There are skilling resources all throughout the dungeon from fishing spots to potion combinating spots you can create everything you need to finish the dungeon yourself. You can complete the dungeon one of two ways. 1: Total Resources Collected or 2: Total Monsters Killed. If you decide to go with option one, then be aware that lower level resources do not give a full point for collecting them. For example, shrimps have a value of .25 and runite ore has a value of 1. So although shrimp is collected faster, you may receive a runite ore before collecting 4 shrimps, thus making it more efficient to mine the runite ore (in theory). If you decide to go with option two, then you must kill monsters in order to unlock the next set of doors. This option may seem like it will take longer, but every monster you kill will automatically give you 1 point and then every monster over level 100 will give you 1 additional point for every 100 levels they have. For example, a level 50 monster would give 1 point, but a level 300 monster would give 4 points total. Keep in mind that although you may use total resources collected or total kills to unlock the doors, you will have to get at least one of them to the full amount in order to complete the dungeon. Dragon and Barrows Ore deposits are available in this dungeon.



"No Consumables"

In this floor, as the name suggests, you may not bring any consumable items with you into the dungeon. You will not be given anything so it benefits you to bring the best gear you can since items are safe upon death. In this floor you are going to reach the next area solely by killing monsters. Although you can collect resources like fish and potions (and you're expected to), they don't count towards your progress to the next door. Your progress is solely based on the bosses that you kill. If you have great gear, or you're newer with a few friends, then you can't go wrong. No Dragon or Barrows Ore Deposits are available on this floor.


Specific point values for skilling can be found below

//raw trout fishing
//raw trout cooking
//raw salmon fishing
//raw salmon cooking
//raw anchovies fishing
//raw anchovies cooking
//raw sardines fishing
//raw sardines cooking
//raw herring fishing
//raw herring cooking
//raw shrimp fishing
//raw shrimp cooking
//raw mackeral fishing
//raw mackeral cooking
//raw cod fishing
//raw cod cooking

//raw bass fishing
//raw bass cooking
//raw tuna fishing
//raw tuna cooking
//raw lobster fishing
//raw lobster cooking

//raw mantaray fishing
//raw mantaray cooking
//raw monkfish fishing
//raw monkfish cooking
//raw swordfish fishing
//raw swordfish cooking

//raw sea turtle fishing
//raw sea turtle cooking
//raw shark fishing
//raw shark cooking

//raw rocktail fishing
//raw rocktail cooking





As of 6/10/19 - Up to date raid rewards can be found below


Common Rewards

Ourg bones
Frost dragon bones
Dragon bones
Rune bar
Runite ore
Adamant bar
Uncut dragonstone
Uncut diamond
Uncut ruby
Uncut emerald
Raw rocktail
Raw manta ray
Manta ray
Raw shark
Elder Logs
Magic logs
Yew logs
Crystal key
Tooth half of a key
Loop half of a key
Boss Room Tokens
Legendary Mystery Box
Mystery box
Boss point scroll
Zombie fragment
Deathtouched dart
Antique lamp
Mark of grace
Agility ticket

Tier 1: Rares

Dragon hatchet
Dragon pickaxe
Zuriel's robe top
Zuriel's robe bottom
Zuriel's hood
Morrigan's leather body
Morrigan's leather chaps
Morrigan's coif
Statius's platebody
Statius's platelegs
Statius's full helm
Vesta's chainbody
Vesta's plateskirt
Elite void knight top
Elite void knight robe
Armadyl helmet
Armadyl chestplate
Armadyl chainskirt
Bandos chestplate
Bandos tassets
Bandos boots

Tier 2: Rares

Torva full helm
Torva platebody
Torva platelegs
Pernix cowl
Pernix body
Pernix chaps
Virtus mask
Virtus robe top
Virtus robe legs
Drygore rapier
Drygore longsword
Drygore mace

Tier 3: Rares

Twisted Bow
Elder maul
Imbued heart
Kodai insignia
Dinh's bulwark
Dragon hunter crossbow
Dragon sword
Twisted buckler
Abyssal vine whip
Heavy Ballista
Brutal Whip
Blood-mist Spirit Shield
Deathly spirit shield
Third-age platelegs
Third-age platebody
Third-age full helmet
Third-age kiteshield
Third-age range top
Third-age range legs
Third-age range coif
Third-age vambraces
Third-age robe top
Third-age robe
Third-age mage hat
Third-age amulet


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I actually want to thank you for taking the time out to explain this a bit further. Never doing Raids before - I'm clueless. I'm wanting to give it a go, and perhaps this will give me a little better understanding. Thanks man!

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