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In-game Updates 7/14/2019]

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Miscellaneous Updates
-Vote Scrolls Get Sent To The Bank If Your Inventory Is Full
-Clue Scrolls Get Sent To The Bank If You Receive One Inside The Wilderness
-99 Capes Can Always Be Worn After Prestiging The First Time
-Overload Potions Last A Minute Longer For Each Time You've Prestiged Herblore
-Raids Give Uncut Gems In Smaller Quantities
-$5 Donator Scroll Replaced With $20 Donator Scroll Inside Ironman Point Store
-Prestige Effects Added To Prestige Guide On Forums

Client Updates
-Right Click Option For Tinderbox
-Right Click Option For Cut Gems

Skilling Updates
-Fletching And Burning Logs Can Be Done From The Toolbelt
-Cutting Cut Gems A Second Time Can Be Done From The Toolbelt

Bug Updates
-Saggitarian Legs Equipping As Weapon Fixed
-Colored Max Capes Not Having Ava's Effect Fixed
-Ladder To Enter KBD Dungeon From Wilderness Not Working Fixed
-::gamble Stairs Taking You To Warrior's Guild Fixed
-Multiple Bosses Spawning At Raids If You Logout During Raid Fixed
-Dihn's Bulwark Spec Not Grabbing Aggression Fixed
-Overlapping Evil Trees And Shooting Star Locations Removed
-Skills Leveled Up Past 99 Giving Maxed Message In Chat Fixed

Combat Updates
-Cerberus, Corp, And Skotizo No Longer Hit You From Very Far Away

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Posted (edited)

I love it. I love all of the updates in this week's post. Absolutely outstanding, especially the Skilling/Misc. updates. Thanks, @Goody!

Edited by X v X

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