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Clue Scroll Locations [UPDATED 6/12/2019]

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Compass is facing north on all screenshots.


'Dig somewhere in the edgeville bank'

Teleport -> Cities -> Edgeville



'Dig near the mining guild teleport'

Click the mining skill and select mining guild or click the smithing skill.



'Dig somewhere near the duel arena tele'

Minigame teleport -> Duel arena



'Dig near one of the slayer masters'

Click the slayer skill and select Vannaka.



'Dig in the area you might see fisherman'

Teleports -> Cities -> Piscatoris Fishing Colony

6 steps north of the cogs circled in red.



'Dig near the tele to get chaotics'

Click the dungeoneering skill.



'Dig near the king of dragons'

Warning the King Black Dragon is aggresive, be sure to bring food.

Boss teleport -> king black dragon -> East of the king black dragon

7 steps west of the torch circled in red



'Dig near the fourth minigame teleport'

Minigames Teleport -> Pest control



'Dig where players plant flowers'

Teleports -> Gamble/chill -> Castle wars



'Dig somewhere at Varrock'

Home teleport



'Dig somewhere near some chickens'

Teleports -> Monsters -> Chickens



'Dig somewhere on the middle of barrows'

Minigames teleport -> Barrows -> Middle hill (ahrims)

Pro tip: enter ahrims room, go up the stairs and dig for the casket.



'Dig in the cave of the giant bird'

Boss teleport -> Phoenix



'Dig near the first few crawling hands'

Teleports -> Dungeons -> Slayer tower



'Dig next to the rock where cows go moo'

Teleports > Monsters > Cows

In the middle of the cowfield is a rock, stand to the right of it and dig.



'Dig by the crate at the Mage Bank teleport'

Teleports > Wilderness > Mage Bank

Use the lever to go outside of the Mage Bank and dig by the crate as shown.



'Dig near Da Vinci's chemistry table'

Teleports > Cities > Rimmington

Run west to the house where Da Vinci is and dig in front of the chemistry table southeast of his front door.


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EDIT: 3 new Clue locations have been added to the list. If there are any that aren't here please contact staff. Thank you.

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