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These are the rules for Singularis-ps, in this there is an in depth review of server rules, punishments, these rules are to be followed at all times when on
Singularis-ps.  If you are caught breaking them, you will face the punishments listed below each rule.  These rules will be split into two categories, Community
Interaction, and Gameplay.

Gameplay Rules - These rules are the rules based around gameplay and cover the things that dont involve interaction with other players.

Safe Spotting - Safe spotting is not allowed for ANY monsters in the boss categories (can add more categories here, looking for input from you guys) with the following

(list of any exceptions you guys want)

Safe spotting is the act of using the map in such a way to prevent you from taking damage from a monster/boss.  If you are unsure of weather something is considered
safe spotting, play on the safe side until you can ask a staff memeber, they will be happy to clarify for you.  If you are caught safe spotting, the following action will be

First Offense - Warning
Second Offense - 1 Hour Jail
Third Offense - 4 Hour Jail
Fourth Offense - 12 Hour Jail
Fifth Offense - 24 Hour Jail
6th Offense - 1 Week Jail
7+ Offenses - Manager/Head Mod/Admin will decide on further action to be taken.

Auto Clicking/Macroing/Auto-Typing - This one is pretty simple folks, use of third party programs, or other means to play the game for you when you are otherwise not able to
reply to a staff members checking on you will be considered auto clicking/macroing.  Again, if you are suspected to be using these means, a staff member will ask you to reply
to their talking to you, pm and public chat will be used to do its, if you are unable to respond in a timely manner (determined by the staff member checking) you will be
considered to be using an auto clicker/macro and a punishment will be applied, said staff member may choose to teleport you in order to check for an auto clicker/macro aswell,
same thing applies, if said staff members deems an auto clicker/macro to be being used, punishment will be applied.  For auto typers, these same punishments apply.
Punishments are as follows:

First Offense - Warning
Second Offense - 24 Hour Ban/Mute
Third Offense - 72 Hour Ban/Mute
Fourth Offense - Bank/Stat Reset + 72 Hour Ban/Mute
Fifth Offense - Perma Ban/Mute

Duping - This is the act of exploiting in game glitches to duplicate items, this WILL NOT be tolerated in any way shape or form and will result in an IMMEDIATE perma IP ban.
If you happen to accidentally stumble on one of these glitches, report it to a staff member immediately along with surrendering any duplicated item/s to said staff member for
proper disposal, in this case, assuming this was not INTENTIONALLY done for personal gain, no action will be taken against the reporting player.  We do ask that reporting
a duping glitch is kept between you and the staff as we do not want these glitches publicly known for obvious reasons.

Glitching/No-Clipping/Cheating - This rule covers intentionally using glitches for personal gain, aswell as using cheat clients in any way (please note that CLAIMING to be
using a cheat client will result in 1 warning, followed by treating it as if it were a proven act of cheating), including to noclip through walls and get to otherwise areas
inaccessible to players, if it is not accessible to you, there is a reason for it.  If you are caught doing any of this, the following punishments will be applied.

Claiming to be using a Cheat Client - 1 warning, if you claim to be using one after that warning, it will be considered your first offense and the appropriate punishment will
be applied.
First Offense - 3 Day Ban
Second Offense - 1 Week Ban
Third Offense - Perma Ban
Fourth Offense - Perma IP Ban

Scouting - This rule covers using a separate account from your main to scout out an area in the wilderness for your main to then go and kill someone in.  We understand that
some servers are okay with this, but we however are not, if you are found to be doing this, the following punishments will be applied, on top of the return of any items
aquired via the means of scouting.  If you refuse to return the items, we will manually retreive them, and add time to your punishment as a result of you making the staffs
job harder.

First Offense - 24 Hour Jail
Second Offense - 1 Week Ban
Third Offense - Perma Ban
Fourth Offense - Perma IP Ban

Luring - This rule covers luring players into the wilderness without their knowledge that they will be attacked by any means other than PKing.  Again we understand that some
servers are okay with this being done, we however are not.  If you are caught attempting to lure/luring, the following punishments will be assessed, along with the return of
any items aquired via the luring, once again, refusal to return the items will result in staff doing it manually and time being added to the punishment due to making the job
more difficult.

First Offense - 72 Hour Jail
Second Offense - Perma Ban
Third Offense - Perma IP Ban

Community Interaction Rules - These rules cover interaction with the community/staff members of Singularis-ps.  As a general rule of thumb, treat others the way you would
like to be treated, treat each other with respect, we dont expect everyone to be friends, but that doesnt mean you cant treat respect each other.

Excessive Arguing in cc/yell/public chat - This rule is for when staff feels that an argument has gotten out of control and is no longer appropriate to continue in public
chat, how this will be handled is a staff member will kindly ask you to either end the argument or to take it to pm, if it is to continue past that point, a warning will be
issued to both players, if the warning is ignored, punishment will follow.  Punishment and length of punishment will be at staff's discretion, but a general outline will be
given here for repeat offenders, but staff may alter this as they see fit.

First Offense - Warning
Second Offense - 5 Minute - 1 Hour Mute
Third Offense - 1-12 Hour Mute
Fourth Offense - 12-24 Hour Mute
Fifth Offense - 24-72 Hour Mute
Sixth Offense - 3-7 day mute
Seventh Offense - Up To and Including Perma Mute

Instigating Arguments - If you are deemed to be the type of player who repeatedly and intentionally causes arguments, at staffs discretion they may add up to double the
punishment you would have received for excessive arguing.

Racist/Sexist/Homophobic Comments/Language - Racism and sexism is something that the staff on Singularis-ps have been instructed not to tolerate, we want this to be a safe
place for our members where they dont need to worry about such things.  Depending on the severity of the offense, and staffs discretion, a warning may or may not be issued
before punishment, these rules extend into PM's aswell, if it is reported, staff will at bare minimum issue a warning for it.  The punishment format is the same as above, but
is entirely the staff member handling it's discretion, they will apply what they feel is an appropriate punishment for the offense, and once again may or may not issue a
warning before punshment, temp bans will also be an option for said staff member should they feel the offense deems it appropriate.

First Offense - Warning
Second Offense - 5 Minute - 1 Hour Ban/Mute
Third Offense - 1-12 Hour Ban/Mute
Fourth Offense - 12-24 Hour Ban/Mute
Fifth Offense - 24-72 Hour Ban/Mute
Sixth Offense - 3-7 day Ban/Mute
Seventh Offense - Up To and Including Perma Ban/Mute

Staff Disrespect - Here on Singularis-ps we expect our staff members to be treated with respect, if you fail to abide by this rule, you risk being punished at the staff
members discretion.  To be clear here, it is okay to question a staff member's decision, most staff will be more than willing to explain why they took the action they took,
but if at any point said staff member tells you to end it, you end it or risk punishment.  Personal or professional insults towards staff, will not be tolerated, our staff
is staff for a reason and do what they do to the best of their ability.  If you have a problem with something a staff member has done or said, it should be taken to the
report a staff member section of the forums with proof.  Once again punishment is largely the staff members discretion, so below is only a guideline, but should be generally

First Offense - Warning
Second Offense - 5 Minute - 1 Hour Ban/Mute
Third Offense - 1-12 Hour Ban/Mute
Fourth Offense - 12-24 Hour Ban/Mute
Fifth Offense - 24-72 Hour Ban/Mute
Sixth Offense - 3-7 day Ban/Mute
Seventh Offense - Up To and Including Perma Ban/Mute




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