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Super Ultimate Price Guider

1 post in this topic



a74e2622f951445a4d7fef77268aed37.png  Abyssal Whip (regular): 20m

ba58ed35adf0084cc5c7f5c36bcb0e55.png  Abyssal Whip (fancy): 50m

2twlz0u.pngArmadyl Godsword: 200m

5l0nQVT.png Bandos Godsword: 40m

k28Tpnr.png Saradomin Godsword: 70m

3nlsQ1R.png Zamorak Godsword: 25m

7456d8967864dd80007a3ff8c2adbf31.pngGuthixGodsword: 200m

6470798cea29b9cb0defb0370c6aff8d.png ZarosGodsword: 500m

shd3tmY.png Zamorakian Spear: 20m

v3jtR7d.png Saradomin Sword: 20m

rhSn0jY.png Dragon Warhammer: 250m

FKe9ExK.png Dragon Claws: 150m

1c970d01df4a06e4fc53910826b8a3d1.pngGolden Maul: 30m

37d777168551fdcff83b193d477dfe61.pngTwin Blade Ghost Swords: 70m

e3c27fc02834bcc1043227e0dc64afbd.png Korasi's Sword: 50m

20eb9683bf87689a42dd24dcfeaaad58.png Brutal Whip: 4-5B

Epus0bU.png Abyssal Dagger: 50m

8KELmbD.png Abyssal Bludgeon: 150m

tMxofcc.png Tentacle porn whip: 100m

572785c62abd1e344e953841dbe94cb6.png Energy Sword: 500m

d0c956acbe73d98654e800607ab05da5.png Primal Rapier: 300m

e70d8faaa79147f330a960be50d885cc.png Primal Maul: 200m

f7bf8fda5c43e394864a5cf46aab2d44.png Seismic Katana: 150m

RARv6X0.png  Elder Maul: N/a - 1B+

069a4e73725810adc31311c66a823cf7.png Drygore Rapier: 250m

c328fc15303b332a458a1e2650d0c06c.png Drygore Longsword: 150m

a06dfae46d5557ca55adbbeaef64ff06.png Drygore Mace: 400m

2a454b461f975b784087b9a8a858f043.png Darklight: 150m

45f2f31a7c9b156e616af31a2e82b904.png Angry Spear: 150m

8f7464403cfca58915f110105dd9ec29.png Angry Mace: 150m


dRzcQvg.png Armadyl Crossbow: 500m

Q6iGrb4.png Toxic Blowpipe: 500m

01d5e43496ee2ddebfe0c77f6b40c872.png Bow of Flames: 150m

b8c796805d5158762c3ef0af90659a25.png Dark Bow (regular): 25m

ab4cad961a5afd5651e01df975711e73.png Dark Bow (fancy): 50m

WNQMmde.png Dragonhunter Crossbow: 100m

NfhvdHg.png Twisted Bow: 500m


txnE4UQ.png Toxic Staff of the Dead: 150m

a372c1a5ca61a4f2ce9ba4a8a1a4669a.png Staff of Light: 25m

b1de7a0cfeebb8e93083e99a161c848a.png Staff of the Gods: 500m

d9d83d34c9ac1e14a6bc096d987365f3.png Hushoo Wand: 1B

be6eaead14edf98d4e59369ef5e32995.png Armadyl Battlestaff: 50m

9279200b2500e38bff9d5399b11a454f.png Smoke Battlestaff: 50m

DdAWWtU.png Kodai Wand: N/a - 1b+



2i0pt21.png Dharok's Set: 60m

DGDrHD5.png Dharok's Helm: 15m

xbWV53p.png Dharok's Platebody: 15m

blvTTu9.png Dharok's Platelegs: 15m

04FZs3b.png Dharok's Greataxe: 15m


2e51own.png Guthan's Set: 40m

v8fgisv.png Guthan's Helm: 10m

7pJuokK.png Guthan's Platebody: 10m

OzSunJC.png Guthan's Chainskirt: 10m

1hroXlg.png Guthan's Warspear: 10m


23u7eo8.png Torag's Set: 20m

kx76VYm.png Torag's Helm: 5m

2FMvKzq.png Torag's Platebody: 5m

CtA51gG.png Torag's Platelegs: 5m

8dnotbg.png Torag's Hammers: 5m


2dhxseu.png Verac's Set: 50m

bYNcqZI.png Verac's Helm: 10m

WeEbIhw.png Verac's Brassard: 10m

6jpQgE7.png Verac's Plateskirt: 10m

hsezxm6.png Verac's Flail: 10m


o09bb.png Karil's Set: 40m

3oHy0Ns.png Karil's Coif: 5m

laT2tPX.png Karil's Top: 15m

8gGHg9U.png Karil's Skirt: 10m

tyoXmba.png Karil's Crossbow: 10m


29mtzpc.png Ahrim's Set: 30m

TtXwvRl.png Ahrim's Hood: 5m

gHsvCTf.png Ahrim's Robe Top: 10m

ngECdID.png Ahrim's Robe Skirt: 10m

nSL4Eor.png Ahrim's Staff: 5m



IggFXgK.png Bandos Chestplate: 40m

C3XW8hm.png Bandos Tassets: 40m

a4ucd2.png Bandos Boots: 10m


vdja82T.png Armadyl Helmet: 15m

AjVBxZL.png Armadyl Chestplate: 60m

WkJ4Nwj.png Armadyl Chainskirt: 60m


f7619b663b5c279cb33a2538f9117cdc.png Torva Full Helm: 200m

0425054a15acda71dcb810a59c73e7cd.png Torva Platebody: 300m

9ce91e69def6a983c3260cb70515e3d7.png Torva Platelegs: 250m


abd22a8ff2563524f53618cbb15a5e56.png Pernix Cowl: 100m

2f2fba982ff41c36bd5e6ea559e3a95e.png Pernix Body: 250m

3b68114350c6b04aa4ad3398037a94a9.png Pernix Chaps: 200m


cc2e75bdd93009f0a54eb120be130c62.png Virtus mask: 100m

0251bbdf29ff20c2047c65ebc8e2c1d0.png Virtus Robe Top: 150m

8e8dac1d161b65cf15cc92fb0dae1729.png Virtus Robe Legs: 150m


KYxBMCo.png Serpentine Visage: 100m

ec97d645ebe7be06870eb50eec3747c1.png Death Cape: 400m

High end gear

633b34d38eb14f3d41c616dde66f5116.pngDragonbone Full Helm: 400m

d6e8d219de997fe2a0b37bb07c128be8.png Dragonbone Platebody: 500m

0f772de97be301955bfa65a9880f7838.png Dragonbone Platelegs: 450m

8ada136a9d1ca2c29f79369f4263889c.png Dragonbone Gloves (melee): 250m

65c224dd50d3340e0db0afde0fdd1b6d.png Dragonbone Boots (melee): 250m


43684fe7ae042391276f6f0dd6183543.png Primal Full Helm: 400m

94b43c3fa4e82fc8e0fc67499eba933c.png Primal Platebody: 500m

5b95d472b1e9725a755e806699d3913e.png Primal Platelegs: 450m

97c45353108b030d8d59a4b635923234.png Primal Gloves:: 250m

2be676e0c7a6f0fc240835a685319479.png Primal Boots: 250m


d67909876def8486d627e02dea117138.png Sagittarian Coif: 400m

affc3bf524c6ce94ee64020d7c662dbe.png Sagittarian Body: 500m

ee7c7635b7f9fea614d91e6b37d6605b.png Sagittarian Chaps: 450m

f8c600dd5530ef4bfcea4ddcac581569.png Sagittarian Vambraces: 250m

364e1f6a0067d705f771933135af989a.png Sagittarian Boots: 250m


a6c3226048d20fd2217d35f296d32a3a.pngDragonbone Mage Hat: 400m

a9e2643ae08ff8982d29b79cbca7adb1.png Dragonbone Mage Robe: 500m

c165dffeb45ee7ab222b4e2ea7487c7a.png Dragonbone Mage Legs: 450m

36ed164954372b41aa381dc9320b3626.png Dragonbone Gloves (mage): 250m

5013929315641327e6fd3f3c28a11e60.png Dragonbone Boots (mage): 250m


84870ad5f9e454ad3257ec189552a23a.png Battle-mage Helm: 300m

fd25e5c626e31072fc3ea1b66792ef0e.png Battle-mage Robe: 400m

06099237d03b8a83af3df0428b4b483d.png Battle-mage Robe Legs: 350m


42c42d64b13a4b221fb399a7c7dc8503.png Trickster Helm: 300m

362e99f99090e721fc0d15d5bac523e5.png Trickster Robe: 400m

ff70c655949737fc74a1980b0ec9b58d.png Trickster Robe Legs: 350m


bfcd4d6aa47610a1b2fc8b95d41eab00.png Superior Tetsu Helm: 320m

06364993501091b4e5320c3c86901ddc.png Superior Tetsu Body: 450m

88cd9267a294cf44db93ec5383eb76d8.png Superior Tetsu Legs: 400m


2c27cc4b7e91addf518d7a6560f1dfa8.png Vanguard Helm: 300m

099b49ffa6f927713431bca1642560ed.png Vanguard Body: 400m

e82af6fd8850354e0190bea960a3865f.png Vanguard Legs: 350m


3697bfe25a62b0f5c4f7abe2116f5c15.png Lunar Helm: 100m

68d45c04f0fb24e595ceeabc88408753.png Lunar Torso: 250m

cecd514cb09c825e9b140b59913d8d80.png Lunar Legs: 200m



734b77c1117a61127c7f799430c126e6.pngDivine Spirit Shield: 350m

2njlstc.png Elysian Spirit Shield: 250m

10oqhdx.png Arcane Spirit Shield: 150m

2qlzfi0.png Spectral Spirit Shield: 50m

5qTaGHd.png Blessed Spirit Shield: 50m

fO2VGyU.pngSpirit Shield: 1m

027408aa60454f9eecc4012d27eefe25.png Blood-Mist Spirit Shield: 350m

4GL8aFu.png Holy Elixir: 100m


x98NTc0.png Dragonfire Shield: 50m

RQzo39x.png Odium Ward: 100m

IbYWtM6.png Malediction Ward: 100m

VwXhlkJ.png Twisted Buckler: 500m

Fs6zh1g.png Dinh's Bulwark: 2B

58386fa908f17203f47cf8db74384b4c.png Dragon Kiteshield: 100m


7bbd1b65bf2f8ee2dbeb1008b1b46750.pngSteadfast Boots: 20m

06211f7a0c88dd6ba8fc7e34053d05e2.png Glaiven Boots: 20m

ed8c5395ccca0bc3fedfb4809c393fd8.png Ragefire Boots: 20m


ONb0gTX.pngPrimordial Boots: 150m

DRBLIh7.png Pegasian Boots: 150m

QSc7Q5B.png Eternal Boots: 130m


PvP Gear

ZOUH4Hz.pngStatius's Full Helm: 40m

H2mXoKo.pngStatius's Platebody: 40m

M16LNwM.png Statius's Platelegs: 40m

w2iHz1z.pngStatius's Warhammer: 40m


3jp98PM.pngVesta's Chainbody: 40m

P4ricsN.pngVesta's Plateskirt: 40m

xchsbSx.pngVesta's Longsword: 40m

JqMwYfi.pngVesta's Spear: 40m


f4XLmC6.pngZuriel's Hood: 40m

SDuh4IZ.pngZuriel's Robe Top: 40m

ZMKyxj6.pngZuriel's Robe Bottom: 40m

gXaMXOV.pngZuriel's Staff: 40m


Ct4Ccfm.pngMorrigan's Coif: 40m

J2hNnUj.pngMorrigan's Leather Body: 40m

GVxRipN.pngMorrigan's Leather Chaps40m

SnxZCpW.pngMorrigan's Javelin: 400k

8b60rum.pngMorrigan's Throwing Axe: 400k



2m81uzr.jpg Ring of Wealth: 15m

2m81uzr.jpg Ring of Wealth(i): 150m


D785Vlg.png Archers Ring (i): 25m

ogPBRSw.png Seers Ring (i): 25m

rfIhe7q.pngWarrior Ring (i): 25m

RlD2epR.pngBerserker Ring (i): 30m


M1NqHCX.png Tyrannical Ring: 150m

LqrpUVS.png Treasonous Ring: 150m

2z50pea.pngRing of the Gods: 150m

5f0fd14482aea9761ca9153992fbb13c.png Lunar ring (i): 150m


f8fb621251321dd2a483bb814fc774c4.png Ring of Charos (i):  1B


M6mAOai.png Amulet of Fury: 30m

MtepLID.png Occult Necklace: 150m


nc1d76.png Amulet of Torture: 250m

2cnxbp1.png Necklace of Anguish: 250m

a0x6rr.png Ring of Suffering: 150m

e7cc5bf6b07fabdd9ea9267340a3fb37.png Tormented bracelet150m


6ffc8159c06de866928b3870ad2820b9.png Big Luck Yin Yang Amulet: 25m

6ffc8159c06de866928b3870ad2820b9.png Biggest Luck Yin Yang Amulet: 150m

4a469e275e4b3badfcefa71ab73d34ed.png Amulet of singularis: 500m



COlROhI.png Mystery box: 25m

qaunjoY.png Legendary Mystery box: 125m

5C5XTgu.png Santa Hat (Any Colour): 1B

YoJOkbY.png H'ween Mask (Any Colour): 1B

v94JYCl.png Party Hat (Any colour): 2B


07qbDTZ.png Crystal Key: 25m

0re18Ak.png Fury ornament kit: 5m

25c599c29ffd60f440bab34cff868b69.png Stat reset certificate: 5m

pY2hcoT.png Ward Upgrade Kit: 250m

7d8cba4a2d519221883aef6c7c7bd137.png Drugs: 20m

49fc33b294c946dfc25e047880b1d640.png Potion of Banking: 10m per sip

3d7a4debf28aad5bb597ca52d78295a1.pngDeathtouch Dart: 20m

ffe738696f2774302b5eb76be7a8cb6c.png Dragonion Bar: 4m

c4457e2f3308552698d7b4e0deefe11a.pngBarronian Bar: 6m

8f6b446aabd3a28df8a373a2933267c8.pngTeleport Pendant: 120m

d2c07002c3c3a3fdd13b4a8f183c68a5.pngMolten glass: 250m


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