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Legendary Mystery Box Rewards

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Ultra Rare Rewards:

Partyhat and spectacles
Red partyhat
Green partyhat
White partyhat
Yellow partyhat
Blue partyhat
Purple partyhat
Black partyhat
Lime partyhat
Pink partyhat
Sky Blue partyhat
Lava partyhat
Diamond partyhat
Third-age druidic staff
Third-age druidic robe top
Third-age druidic robe
Green h'ween mask
Red h'ween mask
Blue h'ween mask
Winter H'Ween Mask
Third-age druidic wreath
Third-age druidic cloak
Bunny ears
Santa hat
Black Santa hat
Lime Santa hat
Pink Santa hat
Lava Santa hat
Diamond Santa hat
Musketeer hat
Witchdoctor robes
Witchdoctor legs
Witchdoctor mask
Spirit cape
Fox mask
White unicorn mask
Black unicorn mask
Frost dragon mask
Bronze dragon mask
Iron dragon mask
Steel dragon mask
Mithril dragon mask
Investigator's coat
Investigator's trousers
Investigator's hat
Swanky boots
Quest point cape


Very Rare Rewards:

Dragon claws
Torva platebody
Torva platelegs
Torva full helm
Korasi's sword
Armadyl godsword
Lily of the valley
Bunny ears
Charming imp
Pernix body
Pernix cowl
Pernix chaps
Virtus mask
Virtus robe top
Virtus robe legs


Rare Rewards:

Chaotic crossbow
Vesta's longsword
Dragon full helm (or)
Dragon platebody (or)
Dragon platelegs (or)
Dragon plateskirt (or)
Dragon square shield (or)
Dragon full helm (sp)
Dragon platebody (sp)
Dragon platelegs (sp)
Dragon plateskirt (sp)
Dragon sq shield (sp)
Bandos godsword
Saradomin godsword
Zamorak godsword
Hand cannon
Boss point scroll
Slayer Point Pie


Uncommon Rewards:

Black gold-trimmed armour set (lg)
Black gold-trimmed armour set (sk)
Gold-trimmed blue wizard set
Golden Maul
Saradomin sword
Saradomin sword
Chaotic rapier
Chaotic maul
Statius's full helm
Ring of wealth
Boss point scroll
Slayer Point Pie


Common Rewards:

Master wand
Mages' book
Dark bow
Abyssal whip
Flameburst defender
Staff of light
Rainbow afro
Dragon hatchet
Dragon pickaxe
Seers' ring (i)
Archers' ring (i)
Warrior ring (i)
Berserker ring (i)
Fighter torso
Ranger boots
Boss point scroll
Slayer Point Pie


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