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In-game Updates 5/9/2019]

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Bug Updates
-Vote Scrolls Being Sent To Wrong Tab When Inside Dung Fixed
-Kills Tracker Message Fixed
-Mystical Pouch Wrong Item Id When Creating Fixed
-Boss Teleport Interface Not Showing Name Of Boss Up Top Fixed
-Willow Shortbow Incorrect Level Requirement Fixed

Client Updates
-Upgraded Dragon Pickaxe Right Click Option
-Dungeoneering Bind Option For Arrows
-Noted Adamantite Ore Rock
-Noted Runite Bar Rock Renamed Noted Runite Ore Rock
-Noted Runite Ores Added To Donator Zone
-Staff Boss NPC
-Staff Boss Pet
-Staff Boss Armors Changed
-Extending Boss Teleport Interface
-Bri Portal

Miscellaneous Updates
-Kills Tracker Message Removed From Filter Messages
-Developer Filter Added To Quest Panel
-Combat Filter Hits Moved To Developer Filter
-DFS Charges Added To Developer Filter
-Voting Confirmation Added To Developer Filter
-Arrows Can Be Found Seperately From Armor And Weapons In Dung
-Coal Maximum Vine Amount Increased To 8
-When In The Tutorial Your Health And Defence Is Set To 15k To Prevent Deaths
-Item Values Updated With Ized's Price Guide
-Items Over 1m Coins High Alch For 70%
-Staff Bosses Pre-Fight Area Moved To Dungeons In Teleport Interface
-Staff Bosses Individually Added To Boss Teleports
-Angler Outfit Gives A Chance To Catch A Second Fish

Donator Updates
-Lonely Island Noted Rune Bars Replaced With Noted Adamantite Ores
-Noted Runite Ores Added To Waterfall Zone

Shop Updates
-Trivia Shop Prices Lowered
-Death Touched Dart Added To Trivia Shop
-Primal, Dragonbone, And Saggitarian Removed From Dungeoneering Shop

Drop Updates
-Bloodmist Spirit Shield Removed From Goody's Drops
-Bloodmist Spirit Shield Added To Unholy Cursebearers Drops
-Dragonbone Melee Removed From Venenatis Drops
-Goody Drops Full Dragonbone Mage
-Pure Drops Full Dragonbone Melee
-Herb Drops Full Primal
-Bri Drops Full Saggitarian

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