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In-game Updates 5/13/2019]

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Miscellaneous Updates
-If You Have An Active Instance Running You Can Teleport Back To It
-Potions Of Banking Work In The Staff Boss Rooms
-You Can Only Have One Effigy At Once
-Effigies Are Dropped More Commonly
-Every 20 Votes It Displays The Last Persons To Votes Name
-Free For All Minigame Basic Structure Finished

Bug Updates
-Bandos Avatar Teleporting To You When You're No Longer Fighting Him Fixed
-Spirit Shields Unsellable In Shops Fixed
-Amulet Of Fury (Or) Unsellable In Shops Fixed
-Potion Of Banking Saying Overload Fixed
-Bri Not Using A Combat Script Fixed
-Deathly Spirit Shield Not Announcing Fixed
-Vanguard Legs Wrong Price Fixed
-Clanchat Lootshare Sending Valuable Message To Wrong Player Fixed
-Inability To Buy Blue Runecrafter Outfit Fixed

Combat Updates
-Dihn's Bulwark Special Added
-Cannon Only Gives Range XP
-Duo Slayer Shares Kill Count And Boss Points
-Clans With Lootshare Enabled Share Kill Count And Boss Points
-All Javelins, Except Morrigan's, Moved To The Arrow Slot (For Ballista)

Item Updates
-Saggitarian Armor Higher Magic Defence
-Deathly Spirit Shield Value Increased To 2B

NPC Updates
-Scorpia Respawn Timer Cut In Half

Drop Updates
-Twisted Buckler And Dihn's Bulwark Removed From Unholy Cursebearer Drops
-Potions Of Banking Removed From Staff Boss Drops
-Potions Of Banking Added To Unholy Cursebearers Drops
-Unholy Cursebearers Common Drops Buffed

Backend Updates (Stuff You Won't See Ever)
-Backup System Lowered To Every 3 Hours Instead Of 6 Hours

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